Thursday, February 25, 2016

Saint Martin's University Graduate Data

LinkedIn tracks and creates data for what sorts of careers and jobs students who have graduated from universities end up in. Looking at that information for Saint Martin's University, what does it tell us?

The information I'm referring to is found on the Outcomes and Careers page on the Saint Martin's University website. It rests in a little widget that scrolls through these images showing us the top four places alumni work, live, and what their job or career field is in. This data is gathered from LinkedIns database and offered in the widget for the university.

In analyzing it, the information it provides is pretty apparent and straightforward. Looking first at the slide showing us where alumni and students work, we can infer further information about the university. It's evident that Saint Martin's has connections with the US Army and Air Force, as well as the State of Washington and Boeing.

Saint Martin's University has an extended learning division on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, which accounts for the high numbers in US Army and Air force work. And on the Outcomes and Careers page, it states that "Saint Martin's is next door to the Washington State Capitol and a wide range of internship opportunities." Many students must get internships which eventually turn into state jobs. As well, Saint Martin's has an engineering program that is growing and likely attracts many students to Boeing.

The next slide that talks about where they live is self explanatory for the most part. The greater Seattle area is a vague term, but typically refers to encompassing Seattle, Washington, and the outlying metropolitan area such as Tacoma and Bellevue. Saint Martin's University is located in Lacey, Washington and would attract many local students to the area. Or those who come from other states are likely to stay in the area after graduating due to having built a network of peers and colleagues. Washington, D.C., showing up implies that many students who perhaps go through the state internships end up going on to do further government work, not necessarily within the state of Washington.

Lastly, this information shows what the alumni do for jobs and careers. The Masters programs that Saint Martin's Offers can be found on their programs and schools page. The careers and jobs ranked in this data represent areas of work students who received a masters degree would go into. This is based off the list of Masters programs, which include education, engineering management, civil engineering, and business.

All of this data is a great way to look at and see where students go after Saint Martin's and to show the success of the university. While numbers always look reliable, it's important also to note the source. LinkedIn is certainly reputable and would not intentionally skew any data, however, as anyone can create a profile, it is possible some of the data may be off as it is collected by individuals saying they graduated from Saint Martin's. It may not be a significant change to the data if a few profiles contained incorrect or false information, but it is something to be aware of when looking at data.

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